21 Apr 2021

Aktrion Spain working towards sustainable energies

A key objective for the Aktrion Group over recent years has been sector and service diversification.

Aktrion Iberia has been successful in opening new doors in the Energy sector, specifically renewable energy, where they have taken their experience and expertise in the automotive industry and aligned it to the specific requirements of this industry.

In a current project Aktrion Iberia has processed and assembled electrical panels and harnesses for photovoltaic plants. The project is diverse and covers suppliers across the world from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. 

Aktrion started working along with one of the main electric panels manufacturers in the renewable energy industry more than 5 years ago. What started being a simple visual inspection end up being a long-term professional relationship where the trust given to our company has increased exponentially.

Ensuring that product quality standards are met is a ‘must have’ in every project and our world class customer satisfaction levels mean Aktrion are leading the way in this service offering.

As demand spread our business growth continued leading to additional customer needs to meet the panels production requirements.

Our local team moved onto the next stage of the project and started offering flexibility, technical knowledge, and fully equipped warehouses to work on preassemblies and assemblies.

A specialised designated technician team was created to implement an equipped an assembly line that met all quality standards required by the supplier. We were able to speed up the process, reduce waste and reduce excessive handling and logistics meaning the customer saved time and money.

To understand the importance of this work, we must keep in mind that a minor mistake in one of the connections of the harnesses – or electric panels – could have led to months of delay in the photovoltaic plant project execution.

During their projects, our team support the manufacturer with:

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