13 Apr 2022

Aktrion Hungary Team being recognised

Aktrion Hungary was first operational in early 2007. From its HQ near Budapest, Istvan Verzsenyi (Managing Director) and his team have established themselves as a major force within the quality services sector.

Known for providing customers with a range of reliable, professional and cost effective services across the country the team are now being recognised by Auto, Aero and Engineering sector clients alike as their first choice support partner.

A recent case study highlighting our service was a project with a major local Tier 1 Auto supplier producing interior parts for some of the biggest OEM’s around the globe. This supplier had major quality issues with one of its products supplied to a luxury automotive OEM. Despite their best efforts, their PPM ratio was over 100K and climbing with no obviously sign of control being restored within the process. The result was an expensive firewall implemented at their OEM plant, expensive in both financial and reputational cost.

This is where the local Aktrion team came onboard to support. The immediate requirement was to push down the customer PPM escapes and establish some control allowing the site time to focus on process countermeasures rather than firefighting escape issues. An Aktrion EOL firewall was implemented with a very clear initial target: reach <6.000 PPM and allow the suspension of the external firewall activity at the OEM site.

With the hard work of our colleagues we not only we managed to reach the 6000 target earlier than planned, but we continued to reduce the PPM to very low levels, taking away the OEM spotlight.

Due to the success of our team and the partnership with the customer, the external activity at the OEM was stopped early at a huge cost saving.

The Tier 1 manufacturer is now planning to outsource the quality inspection of all their products to Aktrion Hungary. By doing so, the supplier would:

If you think Aktrion Hungary can help your business or you’d like to know more about our range of services and locations please feel free to get in touch with Istvan or a member of his dedicated team.

Contact us at [email protected] for any inquires.