26 Aug 2021

PPAP Engineering Support

One of Aktrion’s specialist services is offering our clients Technical Quality Support during the launch phase of their new products.

One service we offer is specialised PPAP Engineering support. It is leaded by a Senior Engineer located in Valencia, Spain, that manages a team of over 5 professionals with worldwide experience from different OEMs.

PPAP or Production Part Approval Process is a set of requirements that is used within the supply chain of the automotive industry to establish reliability and robustness of the manufacturing and supply process.

The purpose of PPAP is to ensure that the supplier has understood the client’s design and has been able to demonstrate that is capable of producing parts that comply with all requirements, consistently.

Currently, Aktrion is providing support to one of the biggest and most important multinational fastener manufacturers in the industry, helping with their new projects and challenges to supply parts to different worldwide OEMs.

Aktrion Engineers work alongside with the factory personnel to carry on tasks such as: dimensional analysis reports, control tool verification, flowchart development, plan control, …, necessary information to work on PPAP processes.

Secondly, they work on information consolidation, sample preparation and validation management, so as information management throughout the various platforms that OEMs work with.

Thus, Aktrion offers a quality service with guarantees in a time where the internal workload of the clients is high, helping them meet delivery terms and requirements pointed out by final clients and, by any means, obtaining PPAP ‘s final validation.