16 Jun 2021

It’s all about the team

Like everyone reading this, the UK team here at Aktrion has been on a rollercoaster ride these last 16 months. We’ve lost some dearly loved team members but also gained some exciting new arrivals. We’ve seen long standing customers struggle under the weight of the pandemic and other new customers emerge and thrive in the mid and post covid climate. Whilst supply chain issues still effect the auto sector that ‘end of the tunnel’ light is getting brighter and a positivity is returning by the day.

As a business we’ve had to adapt and learn quickly. Months of furlough followed by months of home working was tough on many of the team, but we survived. Coming together on Team calls is ok but finally getting the office open again and meeting face to face was a big relief. Moving forward we’ll adopt some of the lessons learned and work more flexibly with a balance of office and home working where suited.

We’ve been agile enough to weather the storm and look for new opportunities in sectors and markets previously untapped. With an entrepreneurial spirit we have identified and delivered new services to meet our customers new demands and we continue to spread our business network across the entire UK.

Its not been easy for anyone but I’m proud of how the team have gone about our business. We’ve stuck together, supported each other and will emerge stronger as a TEAM for the experience.