1 Jul 2021

Figueira da Foz

Aktrion Portugal is known for its continuous dedication and professionalism, providing excellent services within the automotive industry.  Our Portuguese team keeps thriving and improving their methodologies to ensure we lead the way in service delivery.

We know that the key to providing a good service that will satisfy our customers needs lies on continuous formation. Giving the right tools to the right people is a thing we have ensured from our start up years.  We work towards continuous improvement, finding solutions and adding extra value to our clients.

Our Figueira da Foz is an example in this regard. We have worked for multiple clients providing inspection, test and ‘on the line’ assemblies.

Although, we are not limited to these services. Our scope of services range from Containment & Inspection services (as mentioned before) to specialties like plastic injection, metal stamping, electrical testing, and 360º support.

Surrounding yourself with ‘hard working’ people will lead you to success. That’s why we trust and rely on our employees, such as our team leaders and supervisors, which manage all the communication with a proactive attitude.

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