Technical Engineering Support

Technical Support

Aktrion provides a technical support service for automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors, in order to offer a proactive engineering solutions to costumers.

Service Scope


We offer expertise and experience in quality engineering, whether it be for new product launches, accreditations, audits, supplier development, systems, quality improvement programmes or problem solving. Our engineers are experienced professionals in our service scope plus:

Supplier of technical support & assistance for industry

Effective management of the supply chain is key. We have many years experience assisting our clients and their suppliers with the skills, expertise and resources to ensure safe launch and continued process improvement. 

We can support you by working closely with your suppliers to develop and improve quality, delivery and cost performance, ensuring that any improvements and cost reductions that can be achieved down the supply chain are brought to reality. 

We will work with you to compile a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These form the basic measurement tool for the performance of the supplier development program and the improvement of that supplier’s performance over time, all of which is driven by our ‘master schedule’ of activities and targets.