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Arrow is a web-based, real-time portal system that monitors and report across the total length of the supply chain from supplier development and approval all the way to lineside assembly.

It allows you to track all inspection jobs simultaneously. Provides great visibility of inspection results and an accurate client reporting with full traceability.

With a responsive and user friendly design, Arrow will allow you to keep up to date, globally, and meet all your needs.


Real Time Results


Ongoing Analysis & Statistics


Documents Held in One Place


Accessible Reports

Arrow allows uploading all documents, such as inspection reports, work instructions, plans, notes, meeting, etc. Consequently,  all the information is held in one place and accesible by all concerned anywhere, any time.

A system developed by us at Aktrion using more than 25 years experience in supply chain quality management and a long-term working relationship with many global OEM.

Some of the many benefits and USP’s ARROW provides are:

  • Results in real time helping with rapid countermeasure actions back at your base.
  • Bespoke, automated, escalation of issues direct to your phone.
  • Ongoing analysis and statistics from PPM to chronological trend data and more.
  • Easily exportable data for personalised formatting.
  • Job specific documents (SOP/ RA / Eng Change etc)  held in one place for easy review and update.
  • Accessibility of data on your phone or pc anytime, anywhere.


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