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Our strategy is to fully support our customers and their supply chain to maintain a controlled & seamless process flow, improving performance in terms of quality, delivery and cost.

Service Scope


Concern containment and rework product verification

Measurement and testing

0n-Road vehicle testing

Goods receiving managed solutions

End of line rework / rectification

Complex product inspection and test

Warranty returns analysis

PDI centre / Port of entry

CS2 firewall processes

Engine technical repair specialist (weld, mechanical, electrical)



Our service caters for containment duties at goods receiving or at the point of assembly to ensure the continuation of quality production. Added value can be extended through our technical, consultancy and staffing services including:

Quality liaison

CSL2 projects

Engineering and problem solving

CMM and Faro verification

Site auditing; supplier development

Training and project management

Delivering total support provision for the supplier and the OEM.

Containment, inspection & Rework

We have experience with most major OEM’s plus the majority of the 0.5/1 tier supply chain. We fully understand the time and quality critical pressures of JIT/MRP work environments and through our experienced management and support structure we can ensure that the needs of our client portfolio are met and exceeded.

Our competitive advantage is our drive for delivering operational efficiency and maximising output, offering a cost effective and ‘Right First Time’ solution. Where feasible (where variability and subjectivity are not prevalent) we offer ‘Takt Time’ targets and efficiency metrics, ensuring optimum value for money solutions.


Key elements include:


  • Visual aids / work instructions are created using Work Element Sheets to provide the detailed instructions required allowing the operator to fully understand the work requirements and the standard to be achieved.
  • A risk assessment of the operation is carried out and appropriate corrective action implemented. Safety is monitored through an accident/near miss reporting procedure.
  • Resource of the appropriate skill, experience and personal attributes is selected to meet the work criteria and environment.
  • Resource of all appropriate fixtures, gauges, ES Test Equipment, general equipment, tools, packaging, labels and consumables.
  • Compliance is regularly monitored via comprehensive ‘Process’ and ‘Employee’ audits.


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Product Life Cycle

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