We supply specialist engineering through intelligent and strategic outsourcing to the transport industry

We are an authority on providing specialist engineering to the rail sector in particular. Whether you are a direct client, sponsor or contractor, we offer a range of solutions that enable you to achieve your targets to the correct specification, to plan and to budget.

Our engineers cover a wide range of skills which means we can best place an individual based on their key strength, whether that be a strategic mind or an eye for design through to someone with specific inspection capabilities and skills.

We work closely with our Automotive colleagues operating a world-class recruiting and resourcing model, combining local knowledge and personal insight with global resources to give you an edge in the race for talent. Our services include:

  • Compliance with Network Rail and London Underground processes
  • Fire strategy production and implementation for all commercial sectors
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) – consultancy and audit.

Professional Services

  • Provision of professional engineers in various disciplines including, but not limited to; fire, premises, mechanical & electrical, civils & structures to meet client requirements
  • Training in the concept and deliverables of compliance engineering to London Underground and Network Rail
  • Undertake stakeholder and interface management.

Compliance Engineering

  • Assistance with the Preparation of Project related documentation such as project assurance plans, compliance plans, completion plans etc.
  • Review and approval of project documentation
  • Review of compliance processes and development of these processes
  • Assistance with the provision of compliance evidence to satisfy Royal Institution of British Architects (RIBA), Network Rail (GRIP) and LU processes.

Value Engineering

  • To review the fire requirements and strategies of a building to maximise its potential in a cost efficient and safe way
  • Environmental audits to review waste production and assess the possibilities of waste reduction, material reuse and recycling
  • Logistics planning and audits to reduce unnecessary journeys and costs.

Aktrion Transport sector expertise

Fire Safety

  • Preparation of Fire Strategies and Reports in compliance with the required standards, for example compliance with BS 9999: 2008 – Code of Practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings and Building Regulations
  • Undertake CFD modelling and other work to prove the concepts underlying the fire safety of the building
  • Prepare for and chair Qualitative Design Reviews (QDR) to BS 7974 Fire Safety Engineering in Building Assessments
  • Preparation of Fire Risk Assessments in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Research into product performance using UKAS accredited test facilities
  • Fire compartmentation inspections and fire system checks
  • Fire detection and suppression visual inspections and checks
  • The review of existing safety management systems to existing benchmarks (eg. levels 1 to 3 in BS9999) and highlight potential opportunities and weaknesses
  • Emergency planning.

Business Interruption

  • Training
  • Review of existing processes and systems
  • Assistance with implementation of a Business Interruption Plan.

Health & Safety/CDM

  • CDM Co-ordinator duties (Construction Design Management)
  • Site and workplace auditing (Health & Safety at Work act 1974)
  • Various courses relating to Health & Safety at Work act 1974
  • Accident investigation
  • Incident reporting.

Quality Services

  • Provision of second party audits
  • Development of Quality systems to ISO9001.
Aktrion Transport clients

Case study: Providing EMC Services to Bond Street Station Upgrade


Aktrion Transport, in early 2013, were instructed to provide Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) professional services to the Tier 1 contractor, Costain Laing O’Rourke, or CoLOR for short. CoLOR’s employer and end client was London Underground (LU).

Project Scope

 The Project was the LU Bond Street Station upgrade. The Project scope involved a new ticket hall with an new entrance off Marylebone Lane on the north side of Oxford Street, London. There was also a new link passage connecting the LU station with the new Crossrail Station located also at Bond Street. Two new shafts were sunk to enable the construction of the new passageways, tunnels, passageway,  lift shafts and a new escalator barrel for the 2 new escalators, E9 and E10, designed, supplied and installed by Otis Ltd. The value of the project was circa £300 million.

 Main Challenges

  •  The main challenges posed by the project were  the sheer amount of tunnelling works in a busy and confined space surrounded by expensive real estate such as  the local Embassies off Stratford Place, Grade 1 and 2 listed properties and of course Oxford Street, the UK’s busiest shopping district. The whole works area was monitored 24/7 for signs of minor deflection and movement within the surrounding structures.
  •  Another major challenge was the below ground rights retained by the neighbouring Embassies that meant tunnelling around them was necessary. 
  •  From Aktrion Transport’s perspective, the challenges posed by a £300 million project were spread over a 7 seven year period ranging from concept design through to practical completion and handover to LU. This involved the coordination of EMC issues across a diverse array of multi-disciplinary organisations across a number of contractual boundaries – Electromagnetism does not respect contracts!

 Collaboration – Oneteam

 The key to the successful delivery was down to the good collaboration within CoLOR but also with the Employer, London Underground. The employer worked with CoLOR to assist with the close out of particular issues, whether design or during construction which meant sign-off towards the handover would become a formality. 

 Successful delivery of services

 In the end Aktrion Transport delivered a new station to London Underground that was electromagnetically compatible and which demonstrated compliance with the legal and technical requirements for EMC. The new station was finally accepted into service by London Underground on Friday the 17th of November 2017. Aktrion Transport achieved EMC sign-off the day before station opening!

“Bond St Station will be the exemplar project on which all future LUL contracts are modelled”

Client Benefits


Compliant to the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005


Compliant to the EMC Directive