18 Feb 2021

New Office in Belgium

We are excited to communicate that we are opening a new office in Anderlecht, Belgium.

The Belgium team will be led by Jannes Jacobs our newly appointed Belgium operations Director.
Aktrion Belgium will be part of the Atalian Servest Group that is already well established in BeNeLux and will serve as the automotive brand for BeNeLux to ensure all best practices and knowledge from Aktrion and Atalian is combined to serve their clients in the most optimal conditions.

“From Belgium we will be able to support all costumers in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg with all their Quality & Modification works, the Benelux market has several big players in the automotive sector as well as a strategic location for import and export of vehicles from around the world. Only the port of Antwerp has a traffic of 1.142.417 vehicles each year.” Said our Belgium Director, Jannes Jacob.

As its first project, Aktrion is performing Quality Inspections & Rework to the Ford at the port of Antwerp.

“Together with our Partner Antwerp Euroterminal, we will perform quality works to ensure Ford products arrives at the dealers in optimal quality.”

This project puts Aktrion in the lead as a Quality Services provider and Rework/Modification company for electrical vehicles.

“Our team will have full certification to inspect and work on electrical vehicles, including any work on high voltage batteries. This ensures Aktrion Belgium is ready for the future in automotive”.

Currently Aktrion Belgium has about 25FTE working in their team. Although it can scale up to 130FTE in the oncoming weeks to keep up with the demand of the market. This will ensure Aktrion becomes a key player and employer for automotive professionals

The main differentiator from other competitors is that Aktrion Belgium has a Fully Integrated Quality Management System, named ARROW.

Aktrion inspectors are using arrow on android tablets during the quality inspections. This allows them to have digital materials available for analyses. Pictures, video and sound recordings are part of the standard reportings coming out of Arrow allowing detailed testing and high definition feedback to the customers.

Besides of inspecting, Aktrion Belgium also have engineers analysing the data from Arrow to allow feedback and solution management for their customers. On top of this, a fully integrated rework module has been developed by Aktrion Belgium to ensure all reworks are properly reported and executed.

Aktrion Belgium is ready to take on the challenges of mobility for the future. Advising & assisting their clients in developing the mobility of the future is part of the core mission of Aktrion.
For more information you can contact our teams: [email protected]