March 2018

EMC – Training 2018

At Aktrion Automotive, we believe that our greatest assets are our people. To support the ongoing development of our team members we are undergoing an extensive training program this year. This includes Supervisor, Administration, Six Sigma Green Belt, None Destructive Testing and IOP!

At EMC, we have 46 employees enrolled onto these courses!

These programs are not just a one off, any new members who join Aktrion are signed into the training as a standard practice! This is a strategy that will take us into 2019 and beyond!

The benefits of this program:

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Enhanced company image, e.g., conducting ethics training (not a good reason for ethics training!)
  • Risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training

Picture Credits: Dave Webster, Abid Akram, Noreen Shahid, Gemma Brady, Mick Felton

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March 2018

NVQ Success Story – Colm Curran!

The transition from full time education into full time employment can be an overwhelming experience. Aktrion’s commitment to invest in local communities creating lasting work opportunities now extends to work based training qualifications. The courses are designed with the leaner in mind providing a sound practical understanding and a solid grounding for a successful future.

In Oldham we offered manufacturing and business administrations qualifications. One of our most recent success stories has to be Colm Curran, completing his NVQ  training in February 2018 he has now progressed to a full time role within Aktrion.

A fantastic employee who has developed over time; learning and understanding all aspects of our business on site. Some times challenging, always interesting and surprisingly innovative. Colm Curran has continued to impress and become an integral part of our site based team in Oldham.

Neil Costello – Operations Manager (Facilities)


Since starting my NVQ with Aktrion I have become a more confident and driven person. When I started I struggled with communication both over the phone and face to face, I was unfamiliar with all the technicalities on how an office is run and how to conduct myself in a professional environment. The NVQ qualification gave me knowledge and understanding and thanks to the support of an amazing set of co-workers and management my confidence levels soared. I have learned not only how an office works but how to participate in the daily running of an office. Now I feel confident I can communicate effectively to all people not just both in and out of the workplace.

Colm Curran Business Admin Apprentice 2018



When Colm first started with Aktrion Park Cake as an apprentice, he was not familiar with how an office runs and operates. I have seen him grow and develop into a confident and competent young man. I am very proud of his progress and I know he is headed to great things in his future.

Racheal Scholes Agency Manager (Oldham) March 2018


Colm came into recruitment as an apprentice and he seemed quiet but I could see his potential. As his confidence has grown with time, experience and guidance from our team, I have seen him progress and become a model professional but also a fun colleague to work with. I wish I had his level experience when I was his age as I believe he has a bright future ahead of him due to completing his NVQ with our company.

Lewis Braithwaite Bakery Co-ordinate (colleague) March 2018


Picture Credits: Rachael Scholes (Line Manager) & Colm Curran (Business Admin)


March 2018

Servest Acquires Aktrion Group

International facilities management provider Servest has acquired the Aktrion Group, a specialist in the provision of bespoke manufacturing support services, to further its growth and diversification strategy. The acquisition now sees the Group’s annual turnover increase to in excess of £1 billion globally.

Aktrion is an international business and manufacturing support services provider, running critical parts of clients’ operations on a contract outsourced basis.

Servest’s interest in Aktrion stems from the higher value-added and specialist services that the provider offers. Servest’s global reach is also enhanced, building on the joint venture with Atalian and its stake in technology business Getronics, with the global platform that Aktrion brings to Servest through its dedicated automotive business.

The transaction will enable Servest to play a leading role in the global manufacturing market, enabling further development of integrated solutions. This will ensure that Servest can continue to drive and deliver optimum performance to its growing clientbase.

“Through a combination of organic and acquisitive growth, Aktrion has successfully developed a worldwide business, with a strong presence in printing, automotive, food and transport sectors, supporting its blue chip client base,” said Rob Legge, Group CEO at Servest. “This acquisition will therefore enable Servest to gain a larger footprint in these sectors, and will allow us to increase our presence in Europe – as we will now operate across 10 European countries. The demand for complex, integrated solutions will ensure our growth will continue to accelerate moving forward. It’s an exciting time for our colleagues and our customers.”

Ben Pearson, Aktrion’s chairman said: “We firmly believe this is a positive move for Aktrion – one that will really allow the group to prosper and develop. Our commitment to delivering operational excellence and building long-term relationships mirrors Servest’s ethos, so this is a great cultural fit and we’re really excited to offer existing customers the chance to benefit from Servest’s solutions. With the senior management team remaining in the business, we’re all really looking forward to what the future holds.”