We are excited to announce that Aktrion Iberia S.L is now an official distributor for the 3D scanner manufacturer Scantech, one of the largest manufacturers, with the most advanced technology in the market and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified.

To support this product, we have included the provision of a high level Metrology Software for dimensional analysis and reverse engineering. By means of structured light beams and different scanning modes, results of up to 0.02mm are achievable.

These results can then be used for detailed analysis, producto engineering development or 3D printing. The Scantech products that we provide and distribute are capable of scanning without the need for adjustments on very bright and dark surfaces thanks to its powerful software.

We offer a wide variety of models depending on the needs of our customers. Additionally, we can support your specific periodic product análysis and measuring equipment calibration needs.

Some key features of the Verisurf 2022 software are:
The program combines perfectly with any 3D measuring equipment or 3D scanner, for dimensional control or reverse engineering. It is possible to perform dimensional comparison by means of colour map, control point, sections, etc…
This software comes in different specifications depending on the needs of each customer.
✅ In addition to automating the measurement process and facilitating the production chain, it provides great results thanks to its comprehensive databases and helps you to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

▶️3D measurement services.
▶️Laser tracking.
▶️Laser leveling and alignment service.
▶️3D aerial survey and mapping.

🔺And many more.