Aktrion Operations

We are recognised as one of the leading outsourcing management companies in the UK

We are an international business and manufacturing support services provider, running critical parts of our clients’ operations on a contract outsourced basis. We offer expertise in the Automotive, Food, Logistics, Operations and Transport sectors, helping our clients to improve performance and service levels, reduce costs, and maximise flexibility.

We provide skilled and semi-skilled teams of people, plus their associated supervision and management, to run all or part of your production process or support operation, on a short or long-term basis. We optimise resource flexibility and deliver process and productivity improvements for your business.

Production Operations

In its simplest form, we can provide trained and managed teams of operators to work with your existing production staff to support variations of production. With our extensive operational experience this offers a more cost effective solution than using agency temporary labour.

We can fully resource and manage an entire operational area, thus freeing up your staff to focus on your other core production areas. During quiet times, we are able to match resource requirements with production needs, cross-training teams to provide a flexible and high quality service.

The commitment, reliability and training of our staff, coupled with our vast experience, allows us to utilise a smaller number of personnel than through use of a conventional agency, thereby further reducing your costs.

Our responsibility for managing resource flexibility includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Employee responsibility
  • Timekeeping
  • Absenteeism
  • Holiday cover

Aktrion Operations Management

Production Management

In addition to providing managed teams of operators, we also have extensive expertise in production management and in particular ‘lean’ production. This means we can resource the management itself or provide management consultancy to assist you in improving productivity and the efficiency of your production operations. Some of the management tools that we have successfully implemented include:

  • 5 S
  • Six Sigma
  • Kaizen
  • SMED.

Materials Handling

We provide full teams of material handlers, all fully licensed, to provide a highly flexible resource and ensure optimum manning at all times. As part of this service, we can also provide the relevant equipment including pallet trucks, fork lift trucks, scissor lifts, etc. on a contract basis.

We can also deliver cost effective training solutions for your staff in addition to our own team, should you require additional assistance.

Packing & Despatch

We offer extensive experience across many industry sectors in running packing and despatch operations. Our flexible resourcing, process improvement analysis and tailored techniques combine to maximise the effectiveness of your operation and help reduce costs.

As part of this operation we can include the packaging materials which further simplifies the service for you.

Aktrion Operations Management

Warehousing & Logistics

With the ever increasing global marketplace for the sourcing of products, materials and components, highly effective logistics is vital for truly efficient production and distribution. We offer management of the following operations in this area:

  • Goods in
  • Material / Component stores
  • Non-production / Tool stores
  • Shipping de-consolidation and repack
  • Component kitting
  • Production JIT feed
  • Quarantine of non-conforming materials
  • Packing and despatch (as above).

Sequencing & Assembly

Performing assembly work prior to main production and then presenting the completed assembly in correct sequence to the production line can be highly effective in improving efficiency, reducing cost, and reducing significant WIP/Stock of both the sub-assembly operation and the main production operation.

We have proven capability in applying this methodology, in particular to the automotive, white goods and general manufacturing industries. Assembly work is usually best performed on-site or close to the main production, but we can also set up operational facilities off-site to meet your specific requirements if this benefits your business.

In addition to running production lines, including final assembly, testing and packing, we also have the skills and management capabilities to take care of your sequencing needs. When combined with our structured ISO9002 approach to product assembly, quality management, and all our associated activities, we are confident in providing a package that can make a difference to your business operations.

Aktrion Operations Management

We bring experience and expertise to your operations from start to finish